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Dhai Khadi

The versatility of sour milk in Indian cooking just goes far beyond the imaginations of many.  It is used in salads in raita’s as a gravy and so much which I will uploaded later.  For now let us enjoy this version.  The main ingredient is sour milk infused with spices.  If you tired of dhal this is a delicious alternative

Dhai Khadi By Videhi Sivurusan

Preparation:  10 minutes

Cooking:  25 – 30 minutes

Serves:  4

500ml sour milk (inkomasi)

1tsp coriander powder

½ tsp cumin powder

¼ tsp finely ground black pepper

1tsp turmeric powder

1tbsp besan/channa flour

1tsp salt

1 cup (250ml) water

1-2 tbsp oil

¼ tsp black mustard seeds

¼ tsp cumin seeds

Pinch of fenugreek seeds

1-2 cloves

1 small onion finely sliced

1 sprig curry leaves

3-4 green chillies sliced lengthwise in half

1-2 dry chillies torn into pieces

2 tsp finely chopped ginger

Fresh coriander leave to garnish

Let’s cook 🙂

  • Pour sour milk and water in a large bowl. Add coriander and cumin powder along with black pepper, turmeric, besan flour and salt. Use a whisk and beat well until mixture resembles a smooth liquid.
  • Heat oil in a pot – add mustard seeds once it pops add cumin, fenugreek and cloves – fry for a few seconds.
  • Toss in onions curry leaves, green & red chillies and ginger – cook until onions are soft and translucent – about a minute.
  • Pour in sour milk mixture – bring to a boil whilst stirring continuously. Dhai will start to thicken. Lower heat and simmer for 25 – 30 minutes

Serve with hot rice and veggie subji of your choice.  I prefer masala cauliflour and peas…yummy 🙂


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