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Brown Mushroom Salad – served with couscous & lettuce

Although lately, we’ve been having some very cold winter days in Johannesburg however I just can’t resist my daily salads.  So in addition to the crispy lettuce I’ve added some warm notes, like red chilli and  garam masala which is sautéed together with some delicious nutty brown mushrooms.  These particular mushrooms add a wonderful earthy flavour and combined with the warm spices just transcends the salad from simple but delish to Spectacularly  Scrumptious !!!

Garam Masala Mushroom Salad

Garam Masala Mushroom Salad

Preparation:    10 minutes

Cooking:          10 minutes

Serves:             4 or more

1 ½ cups (375ml) couscous

3 cups boiling water (750ml)

50ml olive oil (you can use less or more as you like)

250g Brown mushrooms (braai mushrooms) cut into quartered

1 medium capsicum diced (2.5cmx2.5cm)

1 small red onion roughly chopped

¼ – ½ tsp salt

Generous Knob butter (optional)

1tsp (5ml) finely chopped garlic

1- 2 dry red chilli roughly crushed

20 – 24 cocktail tomatoes (use more if you like)

1tsp (5ml) garam masala

90g speciality baby leaf lettuce or any lettuce of your choice

8-10 black olives or anyone of your choice

1 disk feta cheese

Freshly sliced onion (optional)

Squeeze of lemon

Let’s get this salad going 🙂  

  • Place couscous in a nice big bowl. Add boiling.  Give it a quick stir with fork then cover with a lid or cling wrap and set aside until water is fully absorbed
  • Clean mushrooms by wiping them with a kitchen towel to remove any grit. Cut in 4’s
  • Heat oil in a saucepan – toss in mushroom, capsicum, onion – season with salt.  Sauté for two minutes than add butter, garlic and chilli –  Cook for another  2-3 minutes (you may cook it for longer if you prefer)
  • Add tomatoes and garam masala – cook just until it starts to melt but still holds in shape – cook for just about a minute or two.
  • Once done assemble salad by
    • Laying down a bed of lettuce
    • Followed by a generous serving of couscous
    • Divide cooked ingredients into four portions then scatter over couscous and lettuce.
    • Add olives, onion and crumble feta cheese
    • Squeeze a piece of lemon over salad and serve …#nomnom
  • Handy hint 😉 to add extra flavour to couscous you may add some vegetable stock to boiling water before mixing it into the couscous.
  • You may reduce the oil and omit butter and add salad dressing of your choice.

2 comments on “Brown Mushroom Salad – served with couscous & lettuce

  1. theveganlily
    July 28, 2015

    Looks lovely! I love how this can easily be made vegan too😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. videhisveggietable
    July 30, 2015

    Thank you 🙂 yes you can always replace paneer & feta with Tofu


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