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Rooibos Tea Spiked With Spice & Topped with Ice

So Rooibos tea and I go way back to my teenage years and the latter no caffeine phase.  I have learnt to work it adding natural ingredients just to add variety and keep my taste buds happy 🙂

Apart from the good source of antioxidants and excellent health benefits, the taste just tickles your taste buds with delight.  In this recipe I have added some warm spice, cinnamon and star anise.  Aaaaah so you must be thinking how can this be suitable for a summer cooler…well the star anise adds a lovely light licorice flavour and the cinnamon a warm spicy tangy sweet flavour.  The combination of the two spices along with the brown sugar and lemon is just spicilicious – yet kool 🙂  So taking top honours during this season is my  Rooibos Tea Spiked With Spice & Topped with Ice

Rooibos spiked with some ice and spice - by Videhi

Total preparation time:  10 minutes

Makes 1.5 litres

This is what you will need:

3 Rooibos teabags

1 ½ litres boiling water

4 star anise

3 pieces long cinnamon sticks

⅓ 80ml brown sugar or a few dollops of honey

3-4 slices of lemon

Lots of Ice

Here’s how 🙂

Boil water.  Pour boiling water in a heat resistant jug or kettle.  Add teabags, star anise, cinnamon sticks and sugar or honey.  Let the tea brew for about 5-8 minutes.

Remove teabags and let it cool.  You can place it in the fridge to speed the cooling time.

Once cooled add lemon slices and serve with ice.


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