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Monthly Archives: March, 2017

Spicy Mushroom & Butternut Noodle Curry

Today I have a lovely mushroom dish which is a beautiful blend of a curry along with a colourful textural component.  The combination of spices with the fresh pine lemony … Continue reading

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Another South Indian speciality…Adai is a protein dish made with a variety of dhals (lentils)  which are soaked in water for a few hours and ground into a coarse batter. … Continue reading

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Wholesome Pasta, Pulses & a Pepper Medley Mix

I’m so loving this dish, it is just stacked with layers of flavour.  Initially I wanted to make this with rice but then pasta just pops into my mind.  I … Continue reading

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Chip Roll Cheese & Salad Special

Hot masala chips with melty cheese and a fresh salad all packed into a roll…Need I say more. Absolutely Dangerously Delicious Preparation:  15 – 20 minutes    Cooking time:   25 – … Continue reading

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