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Chip Roll Cheese & Salad Special

Hot masala chips with melty cheese and a fresh salad all packed into a roll…Need I say more. Absolutely Dangerously Delicious


Preparation:  15 – 20 minutes    Cooking time:   25 – 30  minutes     Serves:  2


2 large potatoes

Oil for deep frying

Good sprinkle of Hot or mild chilli powder

Salt for seasoning

Dash of vinegar

2 large bread rolls

1 cup (250ml) grated gouda or cheddar cheese (vegetarian option)


1 cup (250ml) roughly chopped lettuce

¼ cup finely sliced cucumber

A good glug tomato sauce

Let’s Cook 🙂

Wash and peel the potatoes.  Slice into slightly thick strips  – thoroughly rinse them out again and dry out on a clean kitchen towel.

Heat the oil in a pan  – once hot enough, carefully add the potatoes strips and cook until well done and slightly crisp.  Remove the cooked chips and place in a colander to drain the excess oil.

Season the cooked chips with a generous amount of chilli powder, some salt and dash of vinegar.  Give this a good toss.

Slice open one end of the roll – give it a good slather of butter

Add a good amount of lettuce, cucumbers and a sprinkle of salt.

Sprinkle a small amount of cheese

Now add a handful of seasoned chips followed by a good glug of tomato sauce and again generous amount of cheese.

Repeat with the next roll

Hot tip !  I use one large potato as a one serving per person…this is a jumbo chips special

Another HOT Tip:  Add a good few splashes of Tabasco Habanero sauce 


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