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Spicy Mushroom & Butternut Noodle Curry

Mushroom and butternut noodle curry by videhi .jpg

Today I have a lovely mushroom dish which is a beautiful blend of a curry along with a colourful textural component.  The combination of spices with the fresh pine lemony aroma of the rosemary cooked in olive oil with loads of garlic is what elevates this flavour profile.  Adding to the symphony of flavours and texture is the butternut spaghetti and the final folding of the spinach leaves.  A very impressive dish indeed   

Prep: 15 minutes     Cooking time:   30 – 40 minutes      Serves:  3-4


Few Glugs olive oil

1 medium onion finely sliced

2 – 3 fresh chillies finely sliced (adjust accordingly)

3 – 4 sprigs fresh rosemary

1 – 1 ½ tbsp. finely chopped garlic

2 tsp (10ml) coriander powder

1 tsp (5ml) cumin powder

1 tsp (5ml) turmeric powder

2 tsp (10ml) cayenne pepper

250g Button Mushrooms, clean & slice into halves

1 tsp (5ml) salt

25-30 mini Italian tomatoes, sliced into halves

½ cup (125m) thawed frozen peas

¼ cup each Yellow and red bell peppers

1 small butternut, peeled and spiralled into spaghetti

2 handfuls of fresh English baby spinach

Let’s Cook 🙂

Heat the oil in a medium pot or pan.

Add the onion and chillies and sauté for a minute

Throw in the rosemary and garlic – give it a good stir, cook 45 seconds to a minute.

Toss in the coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric powder and cayenne pepper – give it a good swirl, then add the mushroom and salt.  Give it a good mix.  Cover and cook for 12 – 15 minutes until the mushrooms are cooked through.  Be sure to give it a good stir every now and then.

Add the tomatoes – give it another good mix, cover and cook for a few minutes

Toss in the peppers and peas.  Cook for another 5 – 8 minutes or if you like your vegetable softer, cook for a longer time.

Now add the butternut spaghetti – give it a mix and cook until cooked through but still firm.  Depending on the butternut texture you prefer, the cooking time for this will range between 3 – 10 minutes.

Turn of the heat and fold in the spinach leaves.  The leaves may wilt a bit or if you like a fresh bite fold in the leaves just before serving.






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