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Click on this link for more about me with some visuals:   About Me with some visuals 😉

Videhi Sivurusan is a:

  • Multiple Award Cook-Off Winner
  • Vegetarian recipe columnist
  • Vegetarian recipe developer
  • Food blogger
  • Special Feature;  guest vegetarian chef on Lotus FM (Life n Style)

How it all started…I found that vegetarians are always side lined and under catered for.  The lack of or should I say the disinterest some people take into preparing vegetarian food is totally evident in the meals they put out there.   Over the years I have learnt that the disinterest also stems from that lack of varieties or awareness of vegetarian food.  Hence my purpose and mission was born.

I am a vegetarian for 19 years and for the past 15 years I have been actively promoting vegetarian food by providing vegetarian options to people who would like to have a veggie meal.  (Note I am not trying to convert people to vegetarianism – I am merely providing a veggie option:-)  I have the ability to convince the most discerning palates to enjoy my vegetarian meals.

My passion for food and my style of cooking has led me to the winning podium in many competitions, gaining the title of the Curry Queen, The Meat Free Marvel Winner and S.A’s Savvy Vegetarian I find that this is a wonderful platform to show case my talent as well as getting the spotlight to shine on my vegetarian dishes.

Currently I contribute veg recipes to a few publications locally.   I struggle to get people to sponsor my pages as they don’t want to come across as “vegetarian” in a predominantly meat market like South Africa, some have said to me.  Nevertheless I will continue on my journey.

I cook to inspire and be inspired….Welcome to Videhi’s Veggietable 🙂

This site is also dedicated to everyone who wishes to include a veggie meal into their lifestyles.    “Videhi Making Veggie Days Happy Days”

Some of my achievements

  • Special feature Meat Free Monday’s:  Guest Vegetarian chef on lotus FM – Life n Style  – I encourage one Meat Free Meal by sharing my recipes on air
  • Intacook 1st prize winner in the Meat Free Marvel Category
  • Won the first prize in the Expresso SABC 3/PnP Curry cook-off, making me the national 1st prize winner. This prestigious event was held at the Pick n Pay Good Food Studios in Sandton. Finalists were chosen one from every region of which I represented Gauteng. My vegetarian dish took top honours beating all non-veg dishes.
  • Column in the Sunday Times Food Weekly featured over a couple weeks “Videhi’s Spice Route”
  • Demonstrated my recipes which feature in Sunday Times Food Weekly on Expresso SABC 3 every Friday for a month.
  • Vegetarian Recipes feature on Expresso SABC3/Pick n Pay website
  • Vegetarian Recipe Columnist – The Post Newspaper
  • Vegetarian Column/Recipes – The Rising Sun – Lenasia & Fordsburg
  • Vegetarian Column/Recipes – Impressions Magazine
  • Mrs India S.A. Judge
  • Another of my crowning glories was winning the title Mrs Personality 2010 in the Mrs India S.A. Beauty pageant
  • 1st prize in, The Post real Curry competition Gauteng regional finals in 2009.
  • Winning 2nd place in table set and best food presentation in 2011 in the Post Real Curry Competition

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